The TRElab

The TRElab (Tropical Restoration Ecology) is a educational website for a group of students and teachers associated with the University … Read more

Azevedo Design

Christi Azevedo is an architect and builder in the San Francisco Bay area who specializes in restoring vintage buildings and … Read more

Natal Modica Construction

Natal Modica Construction Inc is a licensed contractor im Marin County, California and specializes in green building of homes, remodeling … Read more

Mosswood Engineering

Mosswood Engineering provides structural design and consultation for building projects across the Bay Area. Principal Nate Williams approached me because … Read more

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

  The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic cares for low-income women with cancer in the Bay Area, providing complementary integrative cancer care and … Read more

Studio H2

A San Francisco based landscape architecture firm. Their tagline is: We design natural and built environments that embody purpose, sense of place, … Read more

Gretchen Coffman

Gretchen Coffman

  Gretchen Coffman is a teacher and ecologial researcher and needed a website to sum up her experience as well … Read more


The Dolphin Club

This was the first website I ever designed and produced. It has gone through many revisions since 1999. The Dolphin … Read more


Visual Terrain

Visual Terrain was my first big client: a Lighting company in LA that specializes in Architecture, Attractions and the Arts, … Read more


Technifex is a LA based company specializing in concept design, engineering and fabrication of show and entertainment systems, iconic features and … Read more

Abbott Wendler Architects

  Abbott Wendler Architects is a busy firm in San Francisco specializing in Residential Projects and Landscape design. Their website … Read more

Christa Pfeiffer

Christa Pfeiffer is a soprano and vocal coach based in the Bay Area. She had a website that she liked and … Read more


Michael Fitzpatrick

  Michael Fitzpatrick is a furniture maker in Massachussetts. He is also a house wright and he lovingly restores old … Read more


Janet Lohr Ceramics

Janet Lohr is a master ceramicist who specializes in creating custom made ceramic urns. She wanted a site that would … Read more