Tom Paiva Photography


Very happy to show off Tom Paiva’s new portfolio site featuring his Fine Art Photography. Tom has trusted me with his website for a number of years now, and this is his third site I created for him. His stunning images of the man-made landscape have no equal. This time we went to WordPress to complement his photography blog, in which he describes his techniques and talks about what inspires him and how he sees.

One of the challenges in today’s webdesign environment is the many devices available on which you can look at a website. This site uses responsive design, meaning that you can see it on all portable devices, even as small as an smart phone. Obviously there are trade-offs in looking at images on such a small screen, so we try to show the images as large as possible, while still being able to navigate to other pages. In the portfolio section you can simply swipe the image to advance to the next one on pads and phones. That makes it easy to go through a  group of images quickly.