Mark Indig Photography


Mark Indig is a Fine Art Photographer based in Los Angeles. His work contains images of urban life both in the US and abroad.

In  his 15 years working as a Location Manager he acquired  a love of photography and a unique perspective on the urban landscape; learning how to tell a story about each location in a few images.

He requested a site that could feature his  extensive galleries , some of which contain up to 25o images in a simple yet elegant way.

One of the challenges was how to add such a large number of images to the WordPress media gallery within a reasonable amount of time and I found a great little plugin called “Upload from Server” which allowed us to upload the images via ftp to the server and then import them directly into the WordPress g=media gallery. An additional benefit of this procedure was that the folders on the server could be named with the name of the gallery, so that the behind-the-scenes structure was easier to manage for future revisions.

I did some extensive customization by creating a child-theme for Portfolio Press , which serves as the solid base for this site, which uses responsive design to display on phones and tablets.