Peter Verdone Designs


Most of my sites are Portfolio websites. So I was thrilled to get my hands on a real blog with lots of content and frequent updates. Peter Verdone describes himself as a geek who likes bicycles, motorcycles and skateboards, but he is also a designer and builder of custom frames and parts that I don’t even know where they will be installed.

He has been running his blog for years and has lots of followers, but it lacked a comprehensive design. In particular it needed a good user interface, so his followers could find their way around the hundreds of posts that he had added over the years. Thankfully the posts were well organized and already had a good structure with categories applied.

I created a simple but strong look for him using Generate Press as a parent Theme. In the sidebar I put social links, latest posts and categories.

In the backend I cleaned up the database for better performance and got rid of a lot of unused and unneccessary plugins, that were slowing down the site and making it vulnerable to attack. I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress after backing up the database.

The work was done quickly and the transformation in both look and speed was great to see.