WordPress Websites for Creators and Business

How I Work

My background is in graphic design, photojournalism and fine art.

All of that training has contributed to my understanding of how to make a website look and function best.

I am passionate about creating beautiful websites that load fast and deliver your message to your viewers fast and clear.

I will help you edit your writing and assist you in choosing and editing the content of your portfolio.

I start by having a conversation about what it is you need and what you envision, who your target audience is.

I will ask you about your preferences of color and sites you like and what you want to achieve with this site.

Why WordPress?

With WordPress you can create a beautiful website to show off your portfolio, introduce your business to potential clients or sell your creations online. After your site goes live you can edit the content yourself, add new pages or blog posts.

And you are not limited to templates that hundreds of others are using, so your site will be as individual as yo or your business are.

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