Janet Lohr Ceramics


Janet Lohr is a master ceramicist who specializes in creating custom made ceramic urns.

She wanted a site that would show off her incredible craftsmanship and enable her to sell her urns directly to a wider audience. She wanted to be able to administer the site herself, but was not very experienced in any web applications and was uncertain if she was going to be capable of learning. WordPress proved to be the perfect vehicle for her goals.

I made a fully functioning e-commerce site for her, to sell the high-end urns directly to customers in the US and Canada. For an e-commerce engine we used Woocommerce and I created a child theme for Janet based on the excellent Woocomerce theme “Shelflife”.

The site design I created was simple and dignified using a white background to show off the beautiful urns and using warm browns and oranges overlaid with a classic art nouveau pattern. I also created a simple and elegant logotype for her name.

On the technical end we succeeded in setting up Woocommerce, inlcuding tax calculations and checkout via Paypal, and when the site launched, Janet had a complete understanding of how to add her own products and how to administer the e-commerce portion of the site. The site adapts easily to mobile phones and tablets.