Favorite Plugins- part two

Here are five more plugins I have used and can recommend. Many of my clients are artists or creatives who require a portfolio showing their work. … Read more

Janet Lohr Ceramics live!

Today I launched  a fully operational e-commerce site, built on WordPress and Woocommerce, the incredible free plugin that makes it possible to run a store … Read more

WordPress 3.7 is Here

WordPress has released two new updates in quick succession, and the latest one has generated quite a buzz: It features major security updates that are … Read more

Wordcamp was a blast

Once again I attended the annual San Francisco Wordcamp, where geeks from all over the world came together to exchange ideas about Wordpres. Matt Mullenweg … Read more

Virus attacks

Every now and then I find out about an apparent virus in a client’s site. Sometimes Norton will detect it, sometimes the site just acts … Read more

A busy fall season

It’s been a busy season here at Red Princess Productions. In the last month I launched several new sites and relaunched a site that always … Read more


RIP Steve Jobs

I woke up today to a world without Steve Jobs. Steve had the impact of a tornado in the design world. He did for computers … Read more

New Site Launched

Shannon McClatchey’s new portfolio site and blog launched this week. Shannon is a fine art photographer and photo blogger, who wanted to integrate her WordPress … Read more

Technifex is live

My biggest project to date, www.technifex.com, went live this month.

Screen Options

It has happened quite often, that a client says to me: I can’t find a way to edit this. I don’t see that option on … Read more

Widgets & Plugins

WordPress Widgets are little self contained apps, that you can drag and drop into your sidebar and they will magically display all kinds of information … Read more

Firefox 4 is here!

Last week the newest version of the  Firefox web browser made its debut, and I for one am very pleased with its sleeker layout, faster … Read more

The New Nightskye is live

I am happy to anounce that Lance Keimig’s Nightskye has launched today. Lance is a fine art photographer known for his large-format images of urban … Read more

launched this week

My most ambitious project yet: Visual Terrain has launched today. Visual Terrain is a lighting design company in Los Angeles, with an amazing portfolio of  … Read more

This week on Remodelista…

My Client Christi Azevedo’s latest project is receiving many accolades. The project was published last month in Dwell and this week it is featured on … Read more