Dolphin Club Website overhaul

The Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club is an institution that dates back to 1877. The members swim and row on the Bay and the club is proud of its long tradition.

The original Dolphin club website was the first website I ever built, back in 1998 with the help of Dreamweaver and knowing very little html. In the interim it had one small overhaul around the AD 2002, but remained static html and was in need of a complete make-over.

In particular the membership needed a place where they can easily access the latest swim results and other news updates. The new site has a full-width slider on the homepage and three featured areas that lead to often accessed pages like how to join the club and swim dates. With the new WordPress website it is now possible for swim and rowing commissioners to post their own updates on the fly.

I used the incredible Customizr Theme as a parent theme to build the site upon. In particular I liked the full-width slider and the options to feature selected pages on the homepage.

After the Dolphinclub site was published, I was honored to be featured in the Customizr Showcase. Thanks Nicholas!