RIP Steve Jobs

I woke up today to a world without Steve Jobs.

Steve had the impact of a tornado in the design world. He did for computers and cellphones what the Europeans had previously done with vacuum cleaners and coffee grinders: made them beautiful and even sexy. In the US that was unheard of.

He recognized the power of beauty on the psyche of humans and he dedicated his life to bring color and elegance into the previously drab and grey world of computers. Both in the way they looked and functioned. In the process he made work more fun.

Even the process of unwrapping your Mac or iPhone was an esthetic pleasure and thought through from the outer layers to the second, when your gadget was revealed in all its glorious awesomeness.

It made all the difference in my life. I don’t think I would have chosen to spend 80% of my waking hours if it was not in front of a Mac. Thank you for that, Steve!

The world has lost a great man. RIP