The San Francisco Apartment Association wanted to integrate their monthly magazine’s online version with their organization’s website and create an archive of the magazine going back to 1999. In addition they requested an sign-up page for new members, that allowed secure payment processing.

To integrate the large amount of content, it was vital to create a underlying structure that made it possible to easily update and archive each month’s articles.

This was achieved by converting the site to work with a content management system. I worked with a programmer to create the page templates. A total of  about 80 editions of the magazine were formatted and added to the archives. ( Of course it would have all been much easier had I used WordPress, but I was still blissfully unaware of it at that time).

I updated the look and feel of the site and  created a distinct title banner for each. The SFAA identity and contact info appears on each page.

In addition a Quick link menu was created to direct the visitor to the most requested pages.