Design Process

So, how would we work together on your site?

Every situation is different, but the basic process is the same. We start by gathering information, then designing the site and finally, developing and launching it.

Information Gathering

We start with a conversation about what you want and need in a  website, your business goals and ideas, budget and timeline.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Purpose and Goals: What do you want and need your site to do – provide information, promote a service, sell a product, something else?
  • Target Audience: Who are the people you want to reach? Let’s come up with a profile so we can set the direction for your site design and content.
  • Content: What kind of information will people be looking for on your site?
  • Functionality: What specific capabilities would you like to see in your website? Do you want a portfolio, job board, latest news, menu, blog, animation, video, featured projects, or other? I will help you determine the best technologies to use.

Based on this input I will prepare a proposal/agreement with a statement of work, price quote, time estimate, etc. If we have a good fit, we’ll finalize and sign the agreement, handle payment and begin the work!


Now we get to the fun part: What should your web site look like and how should it be laid out

To help me help you, I’ll ask you for the following:

  • Logo and corporate identity guidelines
  • A list of sites you like
  • Preferred colors and description of the look and feel desired
  • List of competitor’ websites


I will post a development site on my server or yours so you can follow the progress as the site develops. During this phase it is still possible to make small adjustments to colors and fonts as well as minor copy changes.

I will test your new website to make sure it functions properly and then, with your go-ahead, take it live!

Since WordPress is a user-driven site and easy to update, I will give you a basic orientation on how it works. For more in-depth training, there are online guides and books, as well as WordPress coaches I can refer you to.